How to choose a personal lubricant?

To make sex a pleasurable moment and more comfortable, lubricants have been invented. With the sex organs more smooth and wet, sex becomes easy and more fun.


Why would anyone prefer to use a lubricant?

When a woman’s body experiences arousal, it starts secreting fluids that go all the way down the sex organs and get released outside. This is when the woman is termed to get ‘wet.’ However, due to several factors such as hormonal imbalance, stress, lack of sleep, lack of adequate nutrition and anxiety, this secreting system can be down-regulated leading to a condition called as ‘vaginal dryness.’

A dry vagina becomes painful during sex and so, lubes have been invented to overcome such a situation.

People at times find it hard to make the right choice for a personal lubricant. Most of us are still not aware about this topic. Choosing the correct lube for personal use is also advised since some of them can interfere with the working of contraceptives as well.

‘Lubricated condoms’ at times may fail to do the work. The use of additional lubricant may add to the pleasure even though the dry vagina condition is absent in a woman.

How to choose the right lubricant for yourself?

Before going in for making the right choice for a lubricant for personal use, you first need to know the three kinds of this product: water-based lube, silicon-based lube and oil-based lube. As their names indicate, these products have water, silicone and oil as their basic components respectively. is one of the best informative website about personal lubricant

Now come to the point where you need to know what should you expect from your personal lube? Should it stay for long or evaporate quickly? Water-based lubes are easy to wash-off with soaps, whereas the oil-based ones last longer. Silicon-based lubes are also good for those who want long-lasting effects of the product.

Moreover, you need to determine whether you are sensitive to additives or not. If so, then you must go for the lubricants that have oil as their solvents, since the water-based as well as the silicone-based ones commonly contain certain additives. Water and silicon-based products may contain glycerin which can irritate the vagina in some women. Moreover, the water-based lubes may also contain ‘Parabens‘ (a preservative). Parabens cast weak estrogen-like properties and that might be bothersome for some users.

What if your partner or you yourself use a condom? Which lubricant should be safe in that case? Well, the water-based lubes are the best if condom in involved in your sexual activity, since the oil-based lubes are not compatible with condoms. Hence, if you make use of condoms, you know then what kind of lubricant you should buy for yourself.

Is your sex-type non-vaginal? Well, in that case, silicone-based lubes will make a good choice, since they are the most-slippery ones for non-vaginal sex. However, if you use sex toys as well, then such a lube type must then be avoided as they tend to destroy such toys.

If your sexual activity does not involve any condoms or contraceptives, then you must go for an oil-based lube in that case.